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Mousetrails - The First Holy War by Keith Stephens

Mysteries of the Bible

Biblical MysteriesOut of curiosity I decided to research the Old Testament of the Bible for the number of violent deaths. But in my line by line search for numbers I found how the Jews acquired the gold they gave God, the unbelievable amount of blood sacrifice, the horrible treatment of women, and THE BOOK OF THE WARS OF THE LORD. I also found flight, talking animals, and sorcery in the Bible. MOUSETRAILS is also a book of love beyond human comprehension and the reason for the anger and hate we live with today. In MOUSETRAILS you will find the terrorist rationale for the hatred that destroyed New York's Twin Towers. You will also find hope for a better tomorrow.


Reviews from Readers ...

"I loved the book. I couldn’t put it down, which means I fell asleep several times at 3 am with the book still in my lap. “Blind Faith” has a new meaning to me after reading Mouse Trails and following the verses within the book."


"This book is the result of a remarkable amount of research. The author has captured a sense of the old testament that could elude the casual reader or even the most devout."


"I have not read the Old Testament in any detail and was really struck by your organizing of the evidence. The offerings, sacrifices, the slaughters, etc. all are quite astonishing."


"This is a very impressive piece: please accept my congratulations! I found it extremely interesting and quite persuasive, in most areas it confirmed vague suspicions which I had held for sometime."


"I found in reading “Mouse Trails” that Keith did a fabulous job in presenting his views of the Bible. He did a thorough job of research and stuck to the biblical passages faithfully."


"This would upset all of Christianity forever, if they would only be open minded enough to read it."


"Now when I read the Bible I really think about what was written, knowing not everything is pretty purple flowers."


“Keith Stephens has done a phenomenal job compiling and quantifying relevant data to support his case."


"One only has to look at the detail provided to know that an intense amount of effort went into the creative process of this thorough look at the Bible they never read in church."


"This book can be, and will be considered dangerous because it exposes truths that few Christians know. The truth that hides right under you nose is the one that can set you free."


"If you read the actual scripture for yourself, sometimes the truth you dig up, is the evidence that buries you."


A Word From The Author...

Author Keith StephensThis book was researched and written without any preconceived ideas, because I wondered one day how many people died in the Old Testament. It is the result of 13 years of research and writing. It deals strictly with facts and stories found in the Old Testament of the Christian Bible. It is in no way meant to change your mind, or your religious beliefs. I had but one purpose in mind after finishing my research and that was to tell the world what I had found. You will read things you have never, and will never, hear in church. "The Promise" made time after time to the early Israelites, God's gold, medical Instructions, how God ordered women to be treated, sorcery, God's army, God's anger, and finally the number of people that died violently in the Old Testament. There are hundreds of passages quoted. They are all in italics and with each quote is the book, chapter, and verse it was taken from. Mousetrails is a very simple, easy, read. It has been read by two Priests, two Nuns, a Jewish Rabbi, and many common people like me. I think you'll find it interesting.

                                                               - Author


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